I have recently met (on recommendation) the lads at Tillings powder coating and as a result of which I have had all of the numerous parts of two small Honda's powder coated by them and I have been very pleased with the results. They actually specialise in alloy wheel refurbishment, but also coat a lot of motorcycle parts as well as cycle frames, gates, railings, garden furniture etc.

Now, the pros and cons -

Firstly, its way off the beaten track, down at the southern end of Grange Lane in Longton, near Preston, they don't have a posh office and/or a reception area, they are sometimes difficult to contact by telephone (there is usually a divert and an answerphone and they call you back) and the place doesn't exactly look great when you arrive.

However, they are great guys to deal with (Tom, Ron and Tom's son Sam) and John who does a lot of the preparation and they all do an excellent job. They are always extremely busy, but find time to look after their customers and the thing that really impressed me is that they insist that it must be right and exactly what the customer wants and they do go out of their way to ensure that this happens. They can also offer coatings in colours of more than just black and silver, which a lot of powder coaters seem unable to do. I have had wheels, mudguards and numerous parts coated in silver (there are several different silvers available) and Honda pressed steel frames coated in Candy colours (blue and red), as can be seen from the photos.

Not everything runs smoothly at 110% all of the time and to be honest (with the sheer number of parts and surfaces to be masked off/protected), we did have a few minor hiccups on the way, however, despite already having been paid, these lads went out of their way to rectify the situation as their main aim is most certainly to ensure that the customer is totally satisfied with the finished product, which indeed I am.

All in all, these guys are extremely busy, hard working down to earth, and they do a quality job without it costing you an arm and a leg and I really would recommend their work. Just take a look at the photos of what were originally dirty rusty parts (or, if you want to see them in the flesh, come and see the parts that I have had done for yourself). The bikes are coming along a treat!


Michael W George

Tillings Powder Coatings


Pilot Cottage, Grange Lane, Longton,

Preston, PR4 5JD

Tel: 01772 613379

Mob: 07436 261894 or

07812 902153

Email: info@tillingspowdercoatings.co.uk

Web: www.tillingspowdercoatings.co.uk

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