2015 Mallory Park Bike Bonanza

As usual the North West Section of the VMCC will be delighted to support this event, as we have done for many years in the past. All members are welcome to join us for what will be another excellent and memorable weekend, please register your interest with John, Michael or Alex. Track time will be available as usual and further information will be available direct from Mallory Park.

Please visit http://malloryparkcircuit.com/ or telephone 01455-502214 for more details.

We are please to announce that the Mallory Bike Bonanza

3 day event will take place on

Friday 10th, Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th July 2015.

2015 Mallory Park Bike Bonanza (10th - 12th July)

Michael & John were recently invited to the Mallory Park Race Circuits' 2015 Open Day and despite the inclement cold and windy weather, met up again with some great and enthusiastic people, all of whom are looking forward to the Mallory Park Bike Bonanza, a superb long weekend motorcycle event in July.

There were some fabulous vehicles and motorcycles on display, along with a plethora of traders and exhibitors, once again supporting several worthwhile charities and good causes.

Eddie Roberts had brought along some of his own excellent machines, including a stunning, prize winning 1960 Honda "black bomber" seen in the background of this photo taken of Michael and John with Cindy, Eddie and his bikes.

BHR (British Historic Racing) were also there for the open day with a Royal Enfield that they offer a test ride on. For those of you who don't know BHR is an integral part of the VMCC that

2014 Mallory Park Bike Bonanza

MALLORY CLASSIC BIKE FEST (12th & 13th July 2014)

As you may know, due to time constraints the VMCC have decided not to run this years "Festival of 1,000 Bikes" this year at Mallory Park, HOWEVER the North West Section of the VMCC have been in discussions with the new Directors of Mallory Park Race Circuit and we have decided to support the new event that they are to run, called "MALLORY CLASSIC BIKE FEST"

This event is scheduled to run on the same weekend of which the 1,000 bikes was to take place, ie.  12th and 13th July 2014. If any member wants to display a Classic bike and join us for a fabulous weekend in and around the Sections marquee, please contact Michael W George and/or one of the Sections officers as soon as possible, as tickets will be allocated on a "first come first serve" basis.

Costs for the weekend are to be negotiated (but it is not usually an expensive weekend) and we are hoping to get concessions for the Section. Track time costs are also to be announced shortly.

We have had a good response so far, so if you want to join us let us know a.s.a.p.

We will update you with regard to costs as soon as we know.

Michael W George

Latest Update 31st March 2014

As you may know I have been in discussion of late with the new saviors of Mallory Park, Eddie Roberts and Stuart Hicken of Real Motorsport Ltd., with regard to our Sections continued support of motor cycle events at Mallory Park.

Eddie kindly invited us to their Open Day on Saturday 1st March 2014 and we (Michael, John, Alex and Gordon) traveled down to meet them personally.

The Open day was a huge success and attracted thousands of people eager to support their new venture, indeed it was somewhat overwhelming and Eddie and Stuart were in great demand all day.

The Open day was also an opportunity to raise funds for a very worthwhile Charity the 353 Trust.  (Go to the Charitable Support page for more information)


Stuart has today confirmed new name of the event as Mallory Park Motorcycle Bonanza, he also confirmed that Track Time will cost £50.00 for the first session and £30.00 thereafter, to book please contact Mallory Park direct on 01455 502 214 or email info@realmotorsport.co.uk, updates and additional information will appear shortly on their website www.malloryparkcircuit.com

Our Sections bikes will be displayed on the Avenue of Bikes both Eddie and Stuart have confirmed the reservation of our usual camping location for the marquee, with the option for the Section to set up one day earlier, on Thursday 10th July 2014.

Michael W George

Left to Right: John Abram, Stuart Hicken (Director of Real Motorsport Ltd) and Michael George

Eddie Roberts and Stuart Hicken (Directors of Real Motorsport Ltd) with Michael George

As many of you will know the "Festival of 1,000 Bikes" wasn't being run this year and the lads at Mallory Park (Eddie Roberts and Stuart Hicken) organised the "Mallory Bike Bonanza" instead, which we were happy to attend and offer our support.

A few of us travelled down on the Thursday to set up camp and our Club marquee (which seems to be getting heavier and more awkward as we are getting older) in our usual place and welcomed our members who brought bikes down from then on to display over the weekend.

It was really lovely to see Angie and John who travelled up from Dorset and all of the other lads and lasses who joined us for a tremendous weekend. Newcomers to Mallory this year were Steve and Julie who roughed it in a nearby hotel whilst we ruffians camped out in a field, we hope Julie is feeling better now (she had a bit of a cold) as we were so disappointed that she couldn't give us a tune on her guitar and a sing song on the Saturday evening, still better luck next time.

The weather was very kind to us and we had an excellent display of 20 + bikes on our stand at Club Central. Friday was a quite day, especially for the traders, Friday evening, drinks in the marquee watching bike DVD's, Saturday was very hot and it did rain later in the night, but that didn't spoil our evening of jokes, a few drinks and Colin's rendition of a self composed Club song which I am sure will be a hit on our website and may even make him famous on Utube? Sunday morning proved difficult with rain and high winds, which petered out around lunchtime to leave us with a nice afternoon.

In general visitor numbers and trade was down on previous years, however it was organised later in the day than when the VMCC organise it and there were also other important events going on (ie. Triumph Live at Gaydon etc.) that distracted from Mallory. Everyone enjoyed the weekend and several of our lads booked track time, the track events with the famous riders, Ago and Cooper and many more famous names added to the fun.

Group photo with our little volunteer - Declan

As promised, the Club (mainly myself and Christine) did some fundraising for Tony and Sandy Lewis of the 353 Trust (visit www.353.org.uk) and we had one of their collection buckets on our stand. Halfway around I met a little lad called Declan who wanted to help me with the collection, as it was OK with his Nan he accompanied me for quite some time and so we thought that it would be nice to invite him to join our group photo on the Saturday and make him famous! So, thanks Declan. I left the sealed collection buckets with Eddie Roberts on the Sunday (Tony and Sandy are friends of theirs) and I am sure that as soon as Tony and Sandy receive them they will let us know how much we managed to raise and I will let our members know thereafter.

Next year the VMCC plan to once again run the famous "Festival of 1,000 Bikes" at Mallory and I am sure that we will all have the opportunity to support this great event and have another excellent weekend.

Michael W George

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holds Road Race meetings across the country for VMCC members and invited clubs. They will be at Mallory on 27th March and 11-12th April.

To learn more about this part of the VMCC (Vintage Motor Cycle Club) why not visit www.britishhistoricracing.co.uk and find out about their other forthcoming events and their Japanese machine eligibility.

One of the other famous names that we met at Mallory during the open day was Maria Costello MBE.

She is a lovely down to earth young lady who is doing so much for other like-minded ladies who have a shared interest in motorcycles and Maria has been absolutely outstanding in the world of motorcycle racing. If I were to list all of her achievements it could take up a whole journal (hence the reason she was awarded an MBE).

Suffice to say that I would strongly recommend that to learn more, you visit Maria's website at http://costelloracing.com and perhaps have the pleasure of meeting her in person, yourself, at some time in the future.

All in all, a great day, so get your diaries out and pencil in the Mallory Bike Bonanza for 10-12th July. John McGuiness will headline this year's event with a host of other racing legends.

For more information and/or to book yourself a place at this or other Mallory Racing Circuit events visit http://www.malloryparkcircuit.com/events/  call 01455 502214 email natalie@realmotorsport.co.uk

Michael W George & John Abram (VMCC North West Section)

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