Girls Night Out

In April 2014 the streets and buildings of Hull were transformed into 1940’s London for filming a feature film called “Girls Night Out”. Old Rolls Royce’s and extras in period costume were joined once again by our resident actor, Colin Blundell of the North West VMCC Section, who was asked to supply a couple of period motorcycles for the film.

The Norton in the photograph is a 500cc single cylinder model 18, registered on 1st January 1936, a bike that Colin restored many years ago, its partner on the shoot was a BSA Sloper, a 493cc single cylinder machine registered on 8th March 1928, a motorcycle that Colin has more recently restored, both machines of that era being girder fork motorcycles.

The film centers on VE day in 1945 when Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret left Buckingham Palace to join in with the celebrations marking the end of the Second World War. The settings were in and around Alfred Gelder Street, Hull (transformed to resemble London’s Piccadilly), the George Hotel, whose street address is one of the oddest street names in the country, being “Land of Green Ginger”, (the origin of which seems to be a bit of a mystery) and Hull’s City Hall (to stand in for London’s Ritz Hotel).

A lot of the filming was done in the evenings and that meant Colin had to ride some night shift’s with filming only starting at around 4.30pm and going on throughout the night finishing around 6.00am. Obviously it takes true dedication to become a film star!

Below you will find a slideshow of some of the sets used in the filming, the parrot was not in the film, but was just brought along by a passer by. I believe that the landlady of the George Hotel is actually called Fiona George, but as far as I know neither the Hotel nor the landlady are related to me. Why not take a look at Colin and his 1928 AJS in our “Foyles War” article, Here.

Michael W George

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