Founders Day Relay Rally 2014

Every two years the VMCC Runs an event called the Founders Relay Rally, held in memory of the founder of the VMCC, Charles Edmund Allen O.B.E., B.E.M (affectionately known by many as “Titch”) and for those that are unaware, our Head Office’s buildings name of Allen House, was no coincidence either.

This event is open to all members riding a VMCC eligible machine and, after signing on; they have the opportunity to collect a free Rally Plate and ride to as many checkpoints as they wish throughout England, Wales and Scotland.

The VMCC issues an A5 sheet within the monthly VMCC Journal before the event that is distributed to each VMCC member. Details of each numbered checkpoint, its hosts, its location, its telephone number and directions, as well as their approximate location on a map of the UK are included within, there are also spaces for stickers which can be collected from each location visited.

Checkpoints are manned by volunteer members who open up their homes and garages and, very often, kindly supply refreshments in the form of teas, coffees, sausage and bacon butties and cakes etc. All in all it is great fun and an opportunity for members to enjoy riding their bikes to travel and meet other members from different sections. So, if you missed it this year, why not join us for the next Founders Day Relay Rally in 2016?

This bi-annual event is organised and supported by the VMCC in conjunction with our friends from Footman James (Insurance Specialists) and Bonhams (a privately owned British Auction House).

Michael W George

Founders Day Relay Rally

The first two bikes arrived

at our checkpoint at 07.15, at this time the roads were still damp but the rain had stopped and the day was starting to look better. At 8 00 our trusty helpers arrived Christine & June Wright to provide our visitors with tea coffee and a bacon balm, I think the smell of the bacon drew them in as we had a steady flow up to about 11.30 when we had time for our lunch. We had a lot of callers in the afternoon because word had spread that Phil Robson's wife (Irene) had baked a load of cakes for afternoon tea. Phil Robson was the

last caller of the day at 3.50 we did save a piece of cake for him ! All in all it was a fantastic day that everybody enjoyed, and a big thanks to all who gave their time to make the event a success.

John Abram

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